• Unique Browser Application With Offline

    Dubsmash is a free application for #Android devices offered by Mobile Motion GmbH based in Berlin, Germany. Creator and developer of the Dubsmash themselves are a team of three people namely Jonas Druppel, Daniel Taschik Grenke and Roland. Behind the popularity of Dubsmash is currently very unfortunate it turned out application papers Jonal Druppel tripped over copyright issues.

    Copyright issues Dubsmash is on a sound clip that is in the application of Dubsmash as a segment of the song and the film clip that it didn't have a license. Quoting the website of The Guardian, it was later believed would be discussed in the future. Appears likely that the license holder would work with this application to turn it into money.

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    Viral Globally

    As said earlier that the popularity of the application Dubsmash this one is caused by the involvement of the celebrities that they then share their social media account. And for the record, Dubsmash is not only popular in Indonesia, but applications from Germany has been popular and viral globally.

    Some of the celebrity world ever menggunggah video Dubsmash is an American singer Jennifer Lopez and actor Hugh Jackman. While Indonesia artist who uses application Dubsmash this is Ayu Ting Ting, Luna Maya Aliando, Prilly Latuconsina, Jesica Iskandar, Chika Jessica, Jordi Onsu, Kartika's daughter, and others. With the involvement of the artists and celebrities is undeniable this then if then Dubsmash application becomes viral, popular and popular. Below one of the compilation of Dubmash, which I think is pretty funny and interesting to watch.

    Gello Browser ~ Unique Browser Application With Offline Internetan

    For those of you who are already tired of the browser or the browser #internet that it-that's it, then you should be prepared with a unique browser this one. If we have to Internet browser with online, what if this thing we do with offline.

    Certainly very interesting isn't it. I myself heard this news directly interested to read it. Then who the parties are very innovative in creating a unique and attractive browser? no other does not is CyanogenMod, development teams at once pengoprek behind the custom ROM #Android with the same name.

    Yes, the new CyanogenMod team has announced that they are working on and developing the Gello, an #browser to the latest operating system Android based open-source Chromium browser. In this browser, Gello CyanogeMod promising massive customization on Chromium and then applied on the Gello by bringing a wide array of new features. And then as to whether the browser is actually the Gello? The following ulasanya.
    Do not steal the idea of Google

    The presence of Gello Browser indeed slightly raises the controversial, because the Gello developed from a browser open source Chrome Chromimum belongs to Google. But the CyanogenMod himself dismissed if it is accused of stealing the idea from #Google. CyanogenMod stated that Chromium are opensource, so anyone can develop in it.

    CyanogenMod team itself also admitted there is no hostility with Google, so that if there are allegations that it stole the work of Google, of course this is not gratuitous and untrue. "We also do not want users to delete Chrome from the device. We always give you the option to install the Google Apps package in conjunction with CyanogenMod, "said Joey Rizzoli, one of a team of CyanogenMod.

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