• Exciting applications for Video Selfie

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    Exciting applications for Video Selfie and Sudden Popular Lipsync


    There is a stir recently in the world of social #jejaring. An Android application developer works Germany i.e. Jonas Druppel, Daniel Taschik Grenke and Roland called it Dubsmash suddenly become viral on social media while many people discussing it and use it. One of the hoopla that make Dubsmash become viral is also inseparable from the involvement of the celebs who later joined mempopulerkannya.

    But whatever the cause clear current Dubsmash have stolen the attention of many social users, especially Instagram and Facebook. Even on instagram hastag #dubsmash there has reached more than 2 million videos, while downloading the application itself has reached more than 50 million users since its launch in November 2014. And then as to whether the excess Dubsmash is so horrendous? Following his review.
    Exciting Features Of Dubsmash

    With #aplikasi Dubsmash, the user will be able to do a video selfie followed by exciting lypsync activity. Keseruan the second activity because users are not only going to do a video selfie and especially the lypsync. On the use of Dubsmash, users can record and face expression lypsync with funny voices. In Dubsmash there are three categories that you can select the category Trending, Discover and My Sounds.

    Trending categories for yourself there are a few themes to choose from including Comedy, Love, Cartoon, Animals, Reality TV, Party and Superheroes and Villains which serves a variety of sound clip that is in the movie Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, Iron Man, and the Joker. On the category of Discover, the user can search for the clip sound is different from that is on Trending. Whereas, in the category of My Sounds, users are given the freedom to menggunggah sound clip yourself.

    Another uniqueness of Dubsmash is that in this application there is the language setting that we can choose as you wish. And thus it's meaning we can freely voice fills with Indonesia-language audio collection. Up to this point alone, there have been many audio collection speak Indonesia perched in the library Dubsmash, even to the dangdut song ever was there.

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    How To Use Dubsmash

    To use the Dubsmash application, the user can do it very easily. When a user clicks on one of the categories sound clip, the application will direct Dubsmash direct to the camera front or rear camera smartphone to do lipsync recordings. When you're done with the recording of lipsync uses Dubsmash, the user can save the application or share to social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp Instagram, and others.

    Creator and Copyright Dubsmash

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