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    Interesting features of the Gello Browser

    Gello Browser created by CyanogenMod amid competition-made Android mobile browsers third parties are increasingly tight. But in contrast to similar browser, Gello do deferensiasi services by offering a selection of custom more which could gives by its users.

    Setting that offered itself, among others, is to keep the page to be read while offline. In addition to the Internet offline, Gello also offers the feature of saving the file downloaded from the web, in different locations as desired, as well as change the name of the file.

    Not only that, there are still many interesting features that can dinikati its users. Some interesting features include include the ability to change the name and the memidahkan weekly, the ability to rotate the tab open with enough shifting, plus privacy settings per site. Other features of the plan also projected CyanogenMod on Gello is the night mode, the power saver mode, a more complex mode as it removes ads and photos of the surrounding body of the article.
    Not Compatible On Low End Devices

    Even though it appears to be very interesting with a lot of features to offer, but unfortunately Gello browser can not run on low end devices. This in itself is then convinced by the CyanogenMod represented Joey Rizzoli that for users who have low end devices or devices with small partition system so he can not use the Gello browser.

    To give you an idea on the browser, the Gello CyanogenMod uploading videos lasts 5 minutes. But unfortunately from the impressions, many things still yet to be revealed.

    Only appears a certainty of not create Gello browser into the Operating System that runs on the #smartphone Cyanogen droid OnePlus One. The new CyanogenMod will enter the Gello into Android ROMS for devices that have been in the root in the future.

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    Still In Development

    As explained earlier that this browser is indeed the Gello has not been officially released to the public. The browser works CyanogenMod itself is still in the development stage that either until when will be finished. Clear later when launched officially, Gello will become open source browser which contributions can be run by anyone.

    Although there has been no clarity about the launch of Gello this browser, but with news and information about the many interesting features that brought Gello, of course make the netizen continued to curious and look forward to the release of CyanogenMod for the browser Gello.

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