• Tips to success Becomes Selebtwit in Social Media Twitter

    selebtweet Being a popular and known a lot of people would indeed be very nice. In addition will have plenty of fans, we will also likely find interesting things in the achievement of life. Now the opportunity to become popular there is getting wide open with a large number of media that can be used. The development of technology and #internet which then creates the appearance of social media is one of the intermediaries that can be used to achieve popularity.

    One of the social #media that can take you on the popularity is Twitter. Social networking-based text 140 characters is indeed very fitting to You make means increasing popularity. Its existence as one of the largest social networks with hundreds of millions the number of users would indeed be very effective as a means of achieving popularity.

    Selebtwit is a nickname for people or twitter user who has popularity in social networks was founded by Jack Dorsey, et al. The following steps and tips that you can apply to become selebtwit in social media Twitter.

    1. Select a specific topic

    The first tip to become selebtwit in #Twitter social networking is to select a specific topic for the tweet-tweet you. Of course you have a fondness or expertise in certain fields. Well, here's where you can start a tweet from the things that you like or that you're good at. But remember you have to be consistent. You can just do a tweet from the outpouring of feeling on your twitter account, but as best I can associate with the theme you have chosen.

    The more specific the tweet-tweet you launch, you will be regarded as users who are experts on a particular topic or field. Don't forget also to add code hastag (#) on a particular tweet you are sharing to create identity and uniqueness to you.

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    2. Tweet Courtesy obligated to Withdraw Selebtwit

    After getting the appropriate and specific topic, then it is time to make an interesting tweet. Yes, to be selebtwit, you cannot post the tweet that mediocrity, you need to make other people or followers interested and doing a retweet and always follow the tweet-tweet you are sharing.
    3. Expand your Twitter Network

    The next tips to be a selebtwit is to expand the network of twitter. Yes, sure to be popular you should open up with the wider world. To expand the network through twitter, you can do several things like always follows and trending topics are active in there or by giving comments on the twitter account of people who are already popular.

    Another way is to connect or connect your twitter account with your other social media accounts you have. And certainly don't forget to continue to ship to a twitter account you have on people or friends around you.
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