• Report Of The President Via Twitter? Can! Is Twitter The New President

    the President's twitter account As the number one man in Indonesia, observing the activities carried out by the President of the Joko Widodo was indeed very interesting. Men who are familiar with this  he became President of the known figure close to the community. Without the awkward mingling with the entire community, simplicity and interaction that is built by the  was able to make a lot of people were impressed.

    Talking about the seventh President of Indonesia know this, when on 21 June 2015 ago  had just celebrated his birthday? What kind of celebration of the birthday of the former Mayor of the Solo?
    Was Visiting Outside The Island Of Java
    The first tip is to not use the hashtag is excessive (not more than three hashtag). This is because the hashtag that appears more than three in one posting, it will be considered spam. Of course if this is the case, then You step in personal branding will fail because the code Your memorable negative result of hashtag spam. The second tip to do personal branding in social media is to use a hashtag just on the site that features automatic hyperlinks on a hashtag.

    Welcome day birthday-54 in the year 2015, as usually  not held an event or celebration. Even on 21 June, he spent time visiting the islands of Bangka Belitung and Riau Islands.

    The tradition to celebrate the birthday indeed never done and members of his family during tenure in Government. So it is not surprising if chose to continue its activities as a leader of the country. Birthdays only come with prayers and congratulations from family members.

    Whereas in 2014, got delivery of birthday cake from Ahok the Vice Governor. In addition, the birthday celebration is also celebrated by the merchants of pasar Gede, a Solo that flock makes nasi tumpeng for my birthday.
    By 2015, the release of the President's Twitter account

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    Overview On Pinterest

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