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    MixRadio is #aplikasi mobile music streaming service that is able to offer a wide array of songs according to the tastes of listeners. This is what makes MixRadiod unique application, which is able to deliver great music or mix songs tailored to the craze including the genre to a particular singer.

    With data banks reaching 35 million songs and thousands of curatorial mix of the song, making MixRadio one of most great music streaming service in the world. Currently there are already at least 31 countries who can feel the ease of service, i.e. Australia MixRadio, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, United Kingdom, United States and Viet Nam.

    Start is available For iOS and Android Platforms

    At the beginning of his appearance, the company that is now dinahkodai by Jyrki Rosenberg as a CEO is only working with Windows and application service platform as Nokia smartphones. Automatically MixRadio service can only be enjoyed by the holder of the gadget Windows Phone and Nokia.

    But slowly thanks to the ample development in various parts of the world, MixRadio started doing service expansion on two giant platform other operating systems i.e. #iOS and Android. Precisely on 20 may 2015 yesterday, the developers announced the opening of the service applications for device-MixRadio apples and green robot.

    According to the CEO, the development application services MixRadio this time become very important given the magnitude of the dominance of the two #sistem in the operation. By looking at the opportunities for the more accepted around the world, is expected to present MixRadio was able to become one of the alternative best music player app for users of mobile devices.

    For users of iOS and #Android can already download MixRadia via Google Apps Store and the Apple Store starting May 19.
    Partnerships with some of the world's Brand MixRadio

    As has been previously communicated, currently MixRadio is indeed being in business expansion to become the leading edge. As the real buktui the others, a cooperation contract acquisition ever received from the online messaging service is the fastest growing in the world, LINE. As one of the great players of the realm online messaging, LINE convinced the MixRadio acquisition of decision to contribute big later.

    In addition, the net partnership MixRadio back successfully stocked with discharge decision working with large technology company China origin namely the HTC. To coincide with the release of the iOS and Android versions of MixRadio, developers also introduced the feature support for HTC BlinkFeed which is the result of a partnership with HTC.

    Dukungann update music from BlinkFeed for HTC own MixRadio is one of the initial steps of cooperation with telecommunication companies MixRadio which also focus on the Affairs of the audio quality. President of HTC EMEA States currently it increasingly vigorous execution of sector features audio quality for a smartphone device besutannya.

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    Excess MixRadio Service

    If compared to similar service, MixRadio has several advantages. The first is in terms of catalog songs. As already communicated previously, MixRadio provides more than 35 million tracks from a variety of genres, singers as well as different albums.

    Next advantages this application is in the side of simplicity more simple aliases and easily operated. With one main button, will devise MixRadio track compliance with our musical tastes. Via the feature "MyMix" intelligently, this application will search and provide a playlist of songs according to the tastes and the setting are included.
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