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    Instagram now so one of mandatory application for the users of #smartphone in Indonesia, even in the world. Upload or watch cool photos on Instagram artistic comfort indeed became one of the exciting activities in spare time. Not just social media could become interesting to be listened to, Instagram apparently can also be one of the right medium for doing business in the field of art.
    The Benefits Of Art Lovers Instagram

    Since 2010, apparently #Instagram has already managed to raise more than 300 million users, in all parts of the world.

    Along with #Facebook, Instagram developed into social media is most influential on the development of the arts. The collector of art objects can find the latest collection or search for jobs by Instagram. While for artists, Instagram can be used as media promotion.

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    A true story related to the art world and Instagram

    The exhibition, which was held in one of the French Gallery includes works of Baptiste Caccia as one of the pre-eminent works of art. The artwork then photographed and uploaded to an account belonging to the art gallery Instagram.

    After seeing the photos on Instagram account, Peter Ibsen, a company based in Copenhagen to comment compliment on the photo painting by Baptiste Caccia. Ten minutes after that comment goes into the French Gallery team Instagram, called Peter Ibsenuntuk offer the paintings. And finally a deal being done together to make Peter art gallery party managed to buy the paintings.

    During the last 3 years Peter Ibsen recorded successful purchase of 15 works of painting he saw from Instagram. Some works of Caccia and Super Dakota can be had thanks to the intercession of Instagram as a medium to reveal a work of art. Though staying away from art galleries, Peter had the opportunity to buy the paintings through interaction on Instagram.
    Other stories On Instagram and art world

    Another true story also came from Alexander Hertling, one of the owners of the art galleries that are located in France and New York. Using Instagram as #media promotion, Alexander claims that the Gallery successfully sell the colorful statue with the price range up to 40000 Euros 9000. After you establish the interaction with the followers of art lovers, then Alexander managed to provide attractive offers for applicant.
    Creating an interactive Relationship

    In addition to successfully become a strong promotional media and influential for the artwork, using Instagram is also capable of strengthening the relationship between collectors and art lovers. Through the Berlin Gallery Weekend and art exhibitions in New York, art lovers and collectors do follow each other account Instagram in order to share the latest information about the world of art. Laura Seiden, an artist also stated if he was contacted by some collectors who are interested in his artwork.
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