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    I myself was also one of the people who will do this year is to go to your hometown. Barca is indeed an annual tradition that can not be separated from Indonesia society. With the wide variety of ways and reasons, mudik lebaran has always been a thing that was worked for a living.

    This year will go to predictable fixed solid activity will be the dipenghujung month Ramdhan. For those of you who this year will also make the trip go to page, then you must prepare everything in advance so smoothly. With the sophistication of existing #teknologi moment, you can now prepare Your return more easily and quickly.

    A range of #aplikasi on android smartphones now, you will be helped to facilitate the Affairs of home kampung. Here are some of the list of applications that will make Barca Barca You maximum growing and fun.

    1. application of booking air tickets and train

    The first application to go more exciting and fun is the application of booking tickets and hotels. Its name certainly transport you need a return to hometown. Generally the most sought-after community transportation for mudik lebaran is the trains and planes.

    Bookings can be done far-distant day making you have to book tickets as soon as possible before you run out. From this reason should you have applications related to booking tickets online to make it easier.

    Some android applications that cater to booking airline tickets and train is tiket.com, Indonesia flight, KAI Accsess, Traveloka, PadiTrain and PadiAir. All these applications will offer the ease of purchase and train tickets online. Promo price that is far from any standard prices you can get from the service of this application if you order it faster away days before season mudik arrived.

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    2. Android application Directions and location map

    For those of you who are planning a home town with a private vehicle, you also need an application supporting mudik. Application directions and map application is obligatory for those that return with private vehicles. With this application, you will be helped to determine the best ways that you can travel on a trip to the hometown.

    Moreover, the current path of go is always crowded and never deserted until some cause congestion. Certainly using these signposts application then you will be able to avoid congestion and use other lines smoothly.

    Some android applications that offer the service of signposts and map IE Google Map, Waze Social GPS Maps and Traffic & LewatMana. How to use this application is quite easy. Users only need to enter a destination on its search feature. Automatically, a map along with route will be available.

    If you use Waze app, you will obtain important information on the streets you will skip in real-time. With the application of waze, you could also give information about the State of the roads and traffic that has been passed on to other users. Thus your trip will be more smoothly. Different again with the application LewatMana. When you use this application, you can monitor the streets with video streaming that is integrated with the radar of CCTV's proprietary TMC Metro Polda Jaya in real time.

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    3. application to maximize your travel

    Lastly, the android apps that can make Your mainstay for Barca is the application to maximize your travel. The name of our trip, no one knows the things in it, since it does not forever can travel smoothly, including the time of mudik. Then for that you need an application that can help maximize the return journey towards your hometown.
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